Sand Tray Therapy

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is a working relationship with a person who can help you understand your problems and how to change them. As you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors with an accepting person, your understanding of your problems often changes, and you are empowered to think, feel and act differently.

Family Therapy

Family therapy includes at least one parent and at least one child (including an adult child), and may include extended family. Often, a family is concerned about one person’s behavior or symptoms, and the therapist helps the family understand how everyone can be part of the solution.

Group Therapy

Child and adolescent groups are held throughout the year for 10-12 week sessions. Group focus vary throughout the year and change with each new session. Past group topics have included bibliotherapy, social skills, emotional regulation and expressive arts. All groups strive to help children and adolescents identify their strengths, improve communication skills and foster self-confidence.

Family Center Medical Services

Psychiatric Evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation is a broad assessment of your child or adolescent’s current mental health. A legal guardian must accompany any minor to this initial appointment. Any custody paperwork should be presented to the intake department for provider review. Please bring any relevant school reports or evaluation reports. Based on this assessment, the psychiatric prescriber is able to determine whether psychiatric medication is needed, and which medication(s) may be most effective. State mental health law requires patients age 14 and up to consent for treatment.

Medication Management

Your prescribing clinician needs to meet with your child or adolescent regularly to determine how well medication is working and to make adjustments as needed. Several medications require special monitoring due to growth issues, FDA black box warnings or need for bloodwork.

ADHD Testing

ADHD testing offered using computer based IVA-2 software.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Your prescribing physician will determine if this DNA test (GeneSight) would be helpful in selecting the most appropriate medication. The test does not totally predict response but does look at specific genes related to liver metabolism and brain receptors. The test may determine if a medication needs to be dosed differently based on your unique metabolism. The cheek swab is generally not covered by commercial insurance but you may qualify for patient assistance.