Black Lives Matter

By June 17, 2020Blog

Racism is a public and mental health crisis.

At SunPointe Health, we have always strived to serve our patients and our community in an equal, unbiased, and fair manner.  However, as the events of the past few weeks have unfolded, it has become increasingly clear that having a silent policy of opposing racism, discrimination and oppression is simply not enough.

The clinicians, providers and staff at SunPointe Health declare that now is the time to listen to, empower and stand with clients that are oppressed by institutionalized and systemic racism – in particular, the Black community.  We recognize the need for ongoing growth, education and work that is necessary to support the Black community within our own facility, and in our personal and professional lives.  We are going to continue to strive to make mental health services equitable, diverse and inclusive.  We recognize that racism and racial trauma, have a long history of having been dismissed, minimized and ignored.  It is a vital mental health issue.

The black community has suffered silently for too long.  Here at SunPointe Health, we believe our slogan that we are “working together today for a better tomorrow,” and are committed to work against discrimination, bias and stigma.  We are here to listen, learn and advocate.  We promise to continue to do the necessary work, educate ourselves, and learn from our clients and the Black Community.

We recognize there are great disparities regarding the Black community’s access to mental health services.  This is true for all individuals of color, those within the LGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities and all groups who experience oppression.  We have important work to do, and we hope to be as purposeful in our inclusion efforts and in our challenging of racism as possible.  We are eager to continue to serve communities who have been repeatedly targeted, traumatized and taken from their loved ones due to racism and hate.  We are here and we are listening to you.