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Psychiatric providers

Amy Criscitello, CRNP

Clinical Specialties:Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience as an RN and 10 years as an active duty Nurse Corps Officer.

A. John de Carle , M.D.

Clinical Specialties: General adult psychiatry; independent medical evaluations (IMEs). More>>

Dennis Dombrowski, M.D.

Clinical Specialties: Specialize in treating older individuals with particular interest in depression and dementia related disorders. More>>

Craig Feaster, M.D.

Clinical Specialties: Works primarily with children and adolescents and autistic spectrum disorders. More>>


Carol Lynne Glaskin, M.D.

Clinical Specialties: Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Trauma, Dissociative Disorders, Woman’s Issues More>>

Candace Good, M.D.

Treatment Approach/Philosophy: Provides medication management with thorough understanding of therapy concepts and family dynamics. More>>

David Helsel, M.D.

Clinical Specialties: Wide range of adult psychiatric issues.More>>

Jane Hopkins, CRNP

Clinical Specialties: Adult Mental Health-Inpatient and Outpatient practices.  More>>

Melissa Pell, M.D.

Clinical Specialties: Wide range of adult psychiatric issues, including mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders.  More>>

Brian Rockower, M.D.

Clinical Specialties: Child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry, with interest in childhood mood disorders, including bipolar disorder and depression, as well as treatment resistant ADHD. More>>

Jeanne Rockower, PA-C

Clinical Specialties: Child, adolescent and adult general psychiatry. Special interest in child and adolescent mood disorders, especially depression and anxiety. More>>

Natalie Schwer, PA-C

Clinical Specialties: Inpatient and outpatient adult mental health disorders specializing in mood disorders, anxiety and a particular interest in the adult intellectually disabled population. More>>

Lynette Turay, M.D.

Clinical Specialties: General psychiatry, ages 17 and older; combining medication management and psychotherapy. More>>

Michael Turk, M.D.

I am a general adult psychiatrist who focuses on mood and anxiety, ADHD, and eating disorders. More>>

Ruth Yoder, CRNP

Clinical Specialties:Care for individuals across the life span with special interest in working with children and adolescents with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. More>>



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