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Confidentiality Pledge

SunPointe Health is a practice site for a group of behavioral health clinicians as well as independently practicing clinicians. As business associates of SunPointe Health, they agree to abide by the privacy practices described below. These practices also apply to the employees of SunPointe Health who provide scheduling, billing, medical records, and other services. “We” refers to the employees and/or the clinicians at SunPointe Health, depending on the activity.

We follow Federal and State law regarding the use and disclosure of information about your treatment. We are required to follow the rules of this Notice. We may revise this Notice in the future to reflect changes in the law or our understanding of it. The revised Notice will apply to all information we have or will have about your treatment. The revised Notice will be available at the below link, posted in our office, and available at the front desk. You can also call us at (814) 867-0670 and we will mail you a revised Notice.

Our commitment is to maintain your privacy and confidentiality within the limits required by your treatment, payment for your treatment, operation of your clinician’s practice, your safety, the safety of others, and the law.

SunPointe Health Privacy Policy 9-2015



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